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Innovation and planning

Every stage in the life of a building, from its earliest designs to its grand unveiling, involves numerous moving parts. How does a top general contractor keep things on track? We engage as early as possible, typically during the conceptual or schematic stage.

We help to create reports on constructability and feasibility. Our comprehensive estimates also reflect available lower-price options, and we provide possible cost impacts and savings on a line item breakdown. This frees our designers and clients to focus the budget on what is critical to them. We thrive on helping owners take control and make informed decisions early.

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Assembling the most talented and best-matched management team and subcontractor bid list for each project is another top priority during preconstruction. We draw from a pool of subcontractors that we have nurtured over decades. We also continuously require recertification to ensure that our subcontractors’ qualifications are current and superior. Technology is reshaping the design field and what can be accomplished on a jobsite. We take full advantage of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to virtually construct interactive images of a project before we begin any in-the-ground efforts. Early 3D and 4D modeling enables us to sequence work appropriately, navigate site logistics, communicate with the design team and subcontractors, check for any potential systems conflicts and model the structural systems for fabrication.

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